Our Service? — Your Smile!

  • Cosmetic Dentures with lip support.
  • New & Copy Dentures.
  • Gold Inlays & Fillings.
  • Same day denture repairs
  • Non allergenic materials used
  • Alterations and re-lines
  • Natural Tooth Whitening

We Offer Both Porcelain & High Quality Acrylic Dentures

North West Denture RepairsPorcelain

For the ultimate in beautiful, natural looking teeth, porcelain is the choice. Each layer of the semi-translucent porcelain is applied with a subtle variation of colour until each tooth is formed. Each tooth is set with a gold pin and is embedded into a high impact base for strength and durability. The wide choice of shades is sure to achieve the amazing natural look you want. Our technician will be able to advise of the suitability of porcelain for you.


Thanks to extensive research and development, our acrylic teeth possess a degree of realism and excellence that would be hard to match.

They are hand finished to provide a more natural appearance and feel. Different materials are blended together to provide the strength and vitality needed to ensure durability. Our technicians will be able to help you select the right material and shade to get the look you require.

Cosmetic Extras

It is possible to provide your dentures with the normal imperfections found in natural teeth such as gold inlays and fillings - our technician will discuss this as required. For problems with gums, we are able to offer a soft lining as necessary. Our technicians can also offer cosmetic extras including cleaning and cosmetic detailing.


  • All dentures are made by prescription
  • A free oral health check with denture made for your own peace of mind

Health and Your Dentures.

For the following reasons we recommend that your dentures be changed at least every five years.

  • Normal Bone Structure Changes.
  • Weight Loss or Gain.
  • Medication, Illness or Surgery.
  • Improving Appearance.
  • Normal Wear & Tear.